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RailRiders Bushwhacker Weatherpants Review

Rigged for some heavy-duty cool weather bushwhacking on Wolf Cub Mountain wearing my Railriders Bushwhacker Weatherpants

I’ve been hiking and backpacking in RailRider’s pants and shirts since 2008 because they’re comfortable, synthetic so they dry quickly, and they’re treated with Insect Shield which helps protects me from Lyme Disease. Insect Shield is a commercial treatment that uses Permethrin, …

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What is a Ray Way Tarp?

Ray Way Kit Tarp

If you’re starting to think about camping under a tarp, you will probably come across references to something called a Ray Way tarp. This refers to a shaped tarp design developed by Ray Jardine, one of the early proponents of modern ultralight …

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Catskills Backpacking: The Escarpment Trail

The Escarpment Trail

The Catskill’s Escarpment Trail is notable for its open vistas and fine views of the Hudson River Valley. This 23.9 mile hike is moderately challenging and is best spread over a 3 day trip, including shuttles, so you can enjoy the views …

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How Food Gets to Appalachian Mountain Club Huts

Airlift to Lake of the Clouds Hut

There are two ways to get food and supplies up to the Appalachian Mountain Club Hut in the White Mountains, by helicopter and on foot. Every May, each hut gets flown an average of 30,000 pounds of supplies including giant propane canisters, …

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