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Thanksgiving on the Kinsmans

Lonesome Lake and the Northeast CannonBall

As we neared treeline on North Kinsman, Mr Bunny paused to admire the rime ice that coated the stubby spruce trees near the mountain summit. It had taken on a curious orange glow instead of crystalline white, diffusing the glare of the waning …

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How to Use a Sewing Awl to Repair Outdoor Gear

Speedy Stitcher

I wear a pair of Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters in winter to keep snow out of my mountaineering boots and to provide some protection for my legs against self-inflected crampon strikes. I’ve owned a pair for going on 4 years and they …

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Hiking North and South Doublehead

North Doublehead Cabin

North and South Doublehead are two picturesque mountains located just outside Jackson, New Hampshire, on the eastern edge of the White Mountain National Forest. They’re moderate peaks to climb with special interest to skiers, because one of the trails on North Doublehead is a backcountry …

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Hunting Season and Hikers

While full length quilts are desireable for sleeping in winter conditions, you can save money by using a 3/4 or 2/3 length underquilt in warmer weather.

One of the most unsettling things you can hear on a backpacking trip is gunfire, especially during hunting season. I experienced this last month when I was climbing Mt. Greylock on the Appalachian Trail, just outside of North Adams, Massachusetts. It was …

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