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Hiking into the Past with Historic Maps

1950 Crawford, NH USGS Quad, Southeast Corner

When I plan hikes in the White Mountains, especially off-trail hikes, I try to research the history of the area that I’ll be hiking in before my trip. One of the richest, but rarest forms of information is in the form of …

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Navigating with an Altimeter

Find your exact location on a long climb

If you’re a hiker or a backpacker, an altimeter can be a powerful navigation aid when used in conjunction with a map and compass. Altimeters aren’t new, but they have fallen in price in recent years and are commonly included as a …

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The Randolph Paths Guidebook and Waterproof Map

Randolph Paths Guidebook and Waterproof Map

I’ve been exploring many of the trails in the White Mountains North Country this summer, including those maintained by the Randolph Mountain Club (RMC) which maintains the trail systems immediately north and south of Rt 2 in the Northern Presidentials (Mts Madison, …

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