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Playing with Fire – Propane for Winter Backpacking

Backpacking Canister Stove, Kovea LPG Adapter, and a Coleman style Propane Fuel Canister

Note: This is a cautionary tale. Propane is a highly flammable and potentially explosive gas. Backpacking stoves are not designed to operate on 100% propane mixes. Use at your own risk. Risk includes loss of property, serious injury, and death.  I have …

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GPS Device or Smartphone App Navigation?

Smartphone Mapping Resolution

I’ve been testing two GPS navigation devices this summer: a higher-end GPS unit and a smartphone app that has very good maps. Except for having a longer battery life and being waterproof, I can’t see what the value is in having a …

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Bushwhacking Big Bickford and Scarface Mountains

Big Bickford Mountain Canister, 8-16-2013

I took off work on Friday and drove up to Franconia Notch in the White Mountains to bushwhack Big Bickford Mountain, a trail-less 3,000 footer that’s near the Eagle Cliff bushwhack I did in June. The weather forecast was for cool but …

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