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MYOG Reflectix Insulated Stove Base for Winter Camping

Homemade Stove Stand Made using Reflectix Home Insulation

Reflectix Home Insulation is great stuff for making homemade MYOG backpacking projects. Consisting of bubble wrap sandwiched between two layers of tin foil, it’s relatively inexpensive, easy to find at home improvement stores, highly malleable, and thermally efficient. I’ve also been using Reflectix …

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Talus ColdAvenger Pro Face Mask

I’m always on the lookout for new gear to prevent my goggles or glasses from fogging up when I’m hiking above treeline in winter.  I believe that poor venting of moist exhalations is the main culprit behind lens fogging, and if your …

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The Storage Locker

Public Storage Lockers

Some people feel like they lose part of themselves when they give away things they own. “I need to cut my monthly expenses”, said my Mom. “It’s costing me $150 a month to store my art books in the storage locker and …

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