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Breaking in a New Pair of Hiking Boots

Old and New Hiking Boots

I started breaking in a new pair of boots today. My current pair of Asolo TPS 520’s (left) is in need of resoling and some repair work by a qualified cobbler. I’ve hiked at least 1000 miles in them over the past …

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Hiker Resupply and Mail Drops in the US and UK

Mail Drop

Resupply and Mail Drops Mail drops are a common way for long distance hikers to resupply on a long hike. Thankfully, post offices here in the states and abroad will hold packages for pickup by hikers and people who are just passing …

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Scarpa Spark Trail Running Shoe

Scarpa Spark Trail Runners

I am a day hiker and a backpacker who likes to hike in trail runners most of the year. They’re soooo much more comfortable than hiking boots, they dry much faster when they get wet, and wearing them lets me feel the …

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