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Time for Blaze Orange. It’s Deere Hunting Season

Don't Shoot! I'm a hiker.

You can probably guess what I’m going to say. It’s DEERE season again and you should wear blaze orange if you plan to hike in areas where hunters (or heavy equipment operators guarding their backhoes) are likely to be present. Blaze Orange Clothing …

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The Fourth Hitchcock

Historic Registers on East Hitchcock Mountain

Kris and I were well on our way to sumitting West Hitchcock, our fourth Hitchcock in one day, when we let down our guard and used our eyes to navigate instead of our compasses. It’s such a simple mistake, but people do it all …

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Do You Have a Hiking Uniform?

Philip Werner's Hiking Uniform

I wear the same clothes on every three-season hike I take. Well, not exactly the same identical clothes, but I always wear a RailRiders Madison River Shirt, RailRiders Eco-Mesh Pants, and Under Amour Heatgear underwear. I like the layout of their pockets, …

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Backpacking the Royce-Speckled Mountain Loop

Basin Pond, Evan Notch

The Caribou-Speckled Mountain Wilderness is arguably the best-kept secret in the White Mountain National Forest. Located entirely in Maine, it is adjacent to Evans Notch and the Wild River Wilderness, providing hikers with the opportunity to create multi-day backpacking routes through a …

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