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Fox 40 Classic Whistle Review

Fox 40 Classic Pealess Plastic Emergency Whistle

The Fox 40 Classic Whistle weighs just 0.1 oz, but it is one of the most important pieces of safety gear that I own. Every one of my backpacks has a whistle attached to it. If you need to be found or …

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Landslides in the White Mountains


Slides, short for landslides, are common landscape features in the White Mountains and Adirondacks. These landslips occur when heavy rainfall weakens the soil on higher angle slopes, letting loose a slurry of water, mud, and boulders, that barrel down the hill like …

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Pacing and Estimating Distance by Blake Miller

Navigating Using Paces

Many outdoors men and women measure distance in the backcountry by using a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. GPS receivers are reasonably accurate, real time, and provide distance traveled and distance to a destination. But what does the hiker do if they …

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Where is the Wilderness?

Wild River Wildernes, White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

The world became alarmingly smaller when I discovered I had cell phone service in Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness. You have mail!  I immediately regretted turning my phone on. That was two summers ago. When I’d first hiked this remote section of the Appalachian …

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