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Good-to-Go Gourmet Dehydrated Camping Meals

Good-to-Go Gourmet Dehydrated Meals

Good-to-Go is a new gourmet camping food company that’s on a mission to create the best tasting and nutritious dehydrated camping meals available today. Based in Maine, they bring a Down Home sensibility to their dehydrated meals which are gluten-free and available as …

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Leave No Trace Toothbrushing

Karen, a Leave No Trace Master Educator, brushing her teeth on the Appalachian Trail

Maintaining dental hygiene is just as important when backpacking and camping as it is at home. But the question arises, what’s the best way to practice leave no trace toothbrushing and rinse out the toothpaste in your mouth after your brush? My …

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Trail Designs Caldera Cone Alcohol Stove System

Trail Designs Caldera Cone

The Caldera Cone is a very cleverly designed alcohol stove system. The base configuration includes an alcohol stove, a fuel bottle, a measuring cup, a combination pot holder/windscreen (The Cone), and two plastic tumblers that can be used as cups or bowls …

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Campsite Regulations: The 200 Foot Rule

Fire Ring Containing Burnt Wood

I recently met a pair of new backpackers, Bill and Elena, and they asked me my opinion about the 200 foot rule. This is a  a backcountry camping rule in many federally regulated forests. Check your local regulations for specifics because they vary accross …

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