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Has Leave No Trace Failed?

The Crying Indian: Keep America Beautiful

Click for Video of the Crying Indian: Keep America Beautiful I hate to say it, but I have a nagging feeling that the entire Leave No Trace movement is dead. DOA. No one except the Boy Scouts of America seems to teach …

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Pond of Safety Backpack

The Pond of Safety

If you want to get away from the crowds of tourists in the White Mountains or the thundering hordes of smoke-belching Harleys that tour the region’s scenic byways in summer, New Hampshire’s North Country is the place to go. Located North of Rt 2, …

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Mt Crescent in Randolph’s Crescent Range

Mts Pliny, Starr King, Waumbek, South Weeks, Middle weeks, North Weeks, Cabot, Bulge, Horn

The north outlook on Mt Crescent has one of the best views I’ve seen in the White Mountains in a long time. Located in the Randolph Community Forest, Mt Crescent and Mt Randolph are two 3000 footers in the Crescent Range just …

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The Stealth: A UL Tarptent from Trekkertent

The stealth has a small footprint and can fit into tight spaces when good pitches are scarce

The Stealth is a new ultralight tarptent from UK gear maker Trekkertent that combines a simple design with a diverse range of capabilities for lightweight adventures. I’ve been testing one of the first product models available for the past several months and …

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