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Sourdough Mountain by Craig Romano

Historic fire lookout having renovations done on it

One of the most challenging trails in the North Cascades, the arduous haul to the historic 1933-built lookout atop Sourdough Mountain is worth every ounce of sweat you’ll expend. And you’ll expend plenty! A one mile vertical climb over 5.5 miles, can …

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The Pennine Way by Damian Hall

Pennine Way

I didn’t pay much attention at school. But I do remember being told something about the majority of communication being non-verbal rather than verbal. Sure, our mouths make sounds, but the real truth is in the eyes (liars, of course, tend to …

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The Cohos Trail: Gateway to New Hampshire’s North Country

The Cohos Trail, pronounced “Co-Haus”, is a long distance hiking trail in New Hampshire’s North Country, a wild and remote expanse of forest, mountains, lakes, and rivers situated between Crawford Notch in the White Mountain National Forest and the US-Canadian border.  Running …

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