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How Often Should You Update Your Maps?

Hurricane Irene Trail Damage

I was giving a talk about hiking the White Mountain 4000 footers last year and one of the attendees asked me “How often should you update your maps?” She asked me this question because several major trails in the White Mountains have …

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The Benefits of Peakbagging

Peakbagging Friends on Northwest Hancock Mountain

A lot of hikers look down at peakbagging as a motivation to get out and hike. I certainly viewed it with suspicion until I learned more about it. I got my first glimpse into the joys of peakbagging when I was hiking …

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What is the Footing Like in the White Mountains?

Above Treeline - From Adams to Madison

I’m co-leading a Backpacking Fundamentals trip in two months with Andrew Skurka, and one of our students contacted me over the weekend for help with his homework. He’s been assigned the Footing section of the Environmental Conditions Assessment we have students collaborate on …

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