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Friends of Mount Guyot

Mount Guyot in Summer

There are many White Mountain hikers who love Mt Guyot (pronounced ‘G’ as in God, ‘ee-oh’, with the accent on the first syllable), named after Albert Guyot, who is credited with drawing the first map of the White Mountains. Guyot is a …

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Scouting the Twinway

Twinway above Zealand Hut

I went on a one night solo backpacking trip recently to scout out some possible campsites for an Appalachian Mountain Club trip I’m leading on the first day of winter, weather permitting. We’ll be doing a 23 mile winter traverse of the …

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How to Find a Lost Hiker

Where the hell are they?

This is a scenario we all dread: you’re on a group hike and one of the hikers in your group disappears. How can you prevent something like this from happening? What can you do to find them? Prevention Keep your group together …

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