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Practice Hikes by David “AWOL” Miller

David Miller on Mount Katahdin

In 2004 I met a couple thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail and asked if they’d taken any practice hikes. The husband said; “We didn’t want to take any practice hikes before our attempt because we were afraid that we might not like hiking.” …

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Detour to East Chairback Pond

East Chairback Pond from the summit

The 100 Mile Wilderness is an unforgiving section of the Appalachian Trail, winding through the remote backcountry of northern Maine. Drawn to the physical and logistical challenge of it, I shouldered a sixty-pound pack then stepped into that sprawling forest with my …

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Mud or Blood by Patricia Ellis Herr

Sage and Alex Herr, July 2012

“Ah!” I turn and see my nine-year-old daughter on the ground, her hands clasped around her knee, blood tricking from between her fingers. The large root protrudes from the earth immediately below the boulder from which we’ve just descended. It’s Alex’s first …

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