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Taking a Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Class

Red Cross CPR Practice Dummies

Most people who call 911 don’t start CPR and assisted breathing after someone goes into cardiac arrest, even when someone explains how to do it on the phone. That’s a shocking revelation, since CPR and assisted breathing is the BEST thing you …

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Leave No Trace Master Educator Certification

Very Low Impact Camping at an Already Impacted Site

Last week I took a 5-day Leave No Trace, Master Educator class in the White Mountains. This is the highest level of training provided by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and enables me to train people who want to become Leave …

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Mount Osceola and Middle Osceola Bushwhack

East Osceola from Mount Osceola Ledges

I popped up to New Hampshire for a quick hike last week, climbing two 4,000 footers, Mount Osceola and and bushwhacking to Middle Osceola. The first time I climbed on Mount Osceola, this was a few years back, I met a guy named …

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Ultralight Backpacking Will Make You Soft

Carrying More Weight

One of the downsides of carrying an ultralight or lightweight backpacking load (20 pounds or less) is that it makes you weak. If you’re not used to carrying a 40 or 50 pound load, including food, fuel and water, you’ll run out …

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