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Beginner’s Mind

Rockclimbing at The Gunks, New York

When you get really good at something, it’s easy to fall into the trap of automated behavior. This is where you respond to a situation without thinking about what you’re doing or why. A lot of people think automated behavior like this …

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How to Become a Better Hiker

Students in Andrew Skurka's Ultimate Hiker Course, White Mountains

I love day hiking, backpacking, peak bagging, long distance trekking: you name it. Being outdoors and propelling myself on my own two legs gives me tremendous joy…even when it rains. I also derive tremendous satisfaction from learning and using new hiking, backpacking …

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The Summer without an Air Conditioner

Lasko Fan

We’re trying to live without an air conditioner this summer. It was actually my idea as a way to reduce our electricity consumption and save some money. My wife doesn’t like the sound of an air conditioner and was eager to agree. …

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