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Howker Ridge Trail – Lowe’s Path Loop

Climbing Mt Madison via the Howker Ridge Trail

Mt Madison Route Summary Hike: Mt Madison, Mt Adams, Adams 4, Crag Camp (overnight) Location: Northern Presidentials, White Mountains Route: Appalachia Trail Head, Sylvan Way, Howker Ridge Trail, Osgood Path, Madison Hut, Star Lake Trail, Lowe’s Path, Gray Knob/Crag Camp Trail, Quay …

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Hiking Franconia Ridge

Mt Lincoln and the Franconia Ridge Trail

Franconia Ridge is one of the top alpine traverses in the White Mountains, so when I learned we’d get a clear day last Saturday, I decided to hike it again to take in the views and climb two 5,000 footers, Mt Lafayette …

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The Durability Myth

Durability Does Not Mean Heavyweight In this economy, we all want to buy backpacking and camping gear that is durable and going to last. But as consumers, we need to realize that many outdoor manufacturers overbuild their gear with less expensive and …

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