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Mt Jefferson and the Castle Trail

Mt Jefferson and the Castellated Ridge

Last Sunday I climbed Mt Jefferson using the Castle Trail. Jefferson is the third largest peak in the Northern Presidential Range of the White Mountains with an elevation of 5,712 ft. A mammoth mountain surrounded by deep glacial ravines there are a …

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What is Krumholz?

Dwarf shrubs, also known as Krummhollz

Krumholz (also spelled Krummolz)is a German word used to describe the stunted trees that grow on exposed mountain tops above treeline. They look like weathered bonsai trees but instead of a human gardener, the wind is their master. These trees grow together in …

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Crag Camp Cabin on Mt Adams

Crag Camp

Crag Camp Cabin, located on the north face of Mt Adams. For $15-$20/night, this is one of the best kept secrets in the White Mountains. Maintained by the Randolph Mountain Club, Crag Camp is one of 4 cabins and shelters maintained by …

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The RPH Shelter on the New York Appalachian Trail

RPH Shelter, New York Appalachian Trail

While every shelter on the Appalachian Trail has its own unique character, the RPH Shelter in New York State is unlike anything you’ll encounter up and down the trail. This is truly a Hiker Hilton with takeout delivery,  lounge furniture, picnic tables, …

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