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EMS Climbing School: Mountaineering 201

Silver Cascade Waterfall in Crawford Notch Mountaineering 201 I was back up in the White Mountains last week to take the second Mountaineering Class in the EMS Climbing School’s winter curriculum and I had another great experience. This time, I climbed 700 …

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How to Inflate a Down-filled Air Mattress

A lot of winter campers, myself included, use a down filled air mattress (DAM) for extra warmth as part of our sleep system. With R-values of 5 and above, they really boost your comfort level when it is below freezing. Moisture in …

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Hedgehog Mountain

Mt Hedgehog

Don’t underestimate Mt Hedgehog (2,532 ft). Despite being the lowest elevation peak on the New Hampshire 52 with a View peakbagging list, this mountain has great views, lots of open ledge, and some steep climbing. Mt Hedgehog is uniquely situated next to …

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Fear of Snakes

True confession here. When I was a teenager, I was deathly afraid of snakes. It was so bad that I couldn’t look at pictures of them or watch them on TV. I can even remember one road trip where my family drove …

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