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Shelter Etiquette

Appalachian Trail Shelter

I’m writing this post at the request of one of our regular readers. He had a bad experience camping at an Appalachian Trail Shelter over the Columbus Day weekend with his children. Some other campers showed up and were drinking heavily. They …

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AT Section Hike: Gale River Trail to South Twin

South Twin Mountain (4,900 ft.) I was supposed to go backpacking on the Appalachian Trail last weekend, but I decided that it would be prudent to cancel the trip. Winter had arrived about 1 month early, quite unexpectedly, with snow and ice …

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Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots

Asolo Fugitive Hiking Boots

It never ceases to amaze me just how popular Asolo Boots are in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I’d say that 75% of the 3 season boots that people wear up here are Asolos, evenly split between the leather TPS 520 …

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Peaking and Peeping on Carrigain

Carrigan Brook

  I took a break from section hiking the Appalachian Trail this weekend and climbed Mt. Carrigain (4,700 ft), the 14th highest peak on the White Mountain 4,000 footer list. Fall foliage is at its peak in the mountains and Carrigain is …

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