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Camping Pillows

As a side sleeper, I have a hard time getting to sleep outdoors when my head is not propped up. This is not an problem during the winter when I have enough extra down or synthetic clothing to bunch up as a pillow, …

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Welch and Dickey Mountain Loop – Central New Hampshire

Ledges on the Welch-Dickey Mountain Loop

On Sunday I climbed Welch Mountain (2,605 ft) and Dickey Mountain (2,734 ft), both on the 52-with-a-View List, with a group called the New England Hiking and Adventurer’s Group. This is a very active group of hikers, climbers and peakbaggers that …

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Zpacks Ultralight DCF Backpack Cover

Backpack Cover

Over the holidays, my wife gave me an ultralight cuben fiber backpack cover from Weighing 1 oz, it replaces a silnylon Equinox pack cover I’ve been using the past few years that weighs 3.2 oz. A backpack cover is an important …

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Marmot Precip Full Zip Pants

Marmot makes two styles of Precip Pants: Full Zip Precip Pants and Regular Precips. The Full Zips are designed for winter hiking, backpacking and climbing. They are sometimes called “New Style” Precips by online retailers because they were introduced after regular Precips (also called …

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