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Fire on the Mountain

I did a short section hike along the Long Path in New York State today along the Jenny Lane Trail in The Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Shortly after leaving the trail head, I came to a large patch of forest where much …

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Nite-ize Figure 9 Guy Line Tensioners

I use a number of different ultralight guy line tightening systems for my tarps and tents already, including LineLocks, but I was interested in trying the Figure 9’s because they’re a little more robust, especially for winter use when ice is likely …

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Trekking the Southern Appalachians

I was going through my hiking bookshelves the other day and I came across Trekking The Southern Appalachians published by Backpacker Magazine. I don’t remember every buying it and anything published by Backpacker Magazine is, well, suspect. Boy, was I ever surprised …

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Seychelle Water Bottle and Purifier Review

Seychelle Water Bottle Purifier

I got a new water purifier a few weeks ago from that works with a screw top bottle. The filter element qualifies as a purifier because it is EPA approved to remove viruses and bacteria to 99.9999%, and other biologicals like …

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