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Lenticular Clouds

Stacked pancaked clouds like this, called Lenticular Clouds, are often the harbinger of heavy rain

Every time I go hiking in the close vicinity of Mt Washington, I’m on the look out for lenticular clouds like these near Mt Isolation, near Mt Washington, This set looks like stacked pancakes. They are shown here hovering on the northern side of Mt …

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Hiking and Meditation

Hiking is meditation, for me at least. It’s one of the main reasons I run off into the mountains and woods whenever I can. I first learned about meditation about 10 years ago when I took some classes and workshops on sitting …

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AT Section Hike: Mt Wolf to Reel Brook

The 1.9 mile section between of the Appalachian Trail from Mt Wolf to the Reel Brook trail junction is one of my last remaining sections of the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire and I finally got to hike it last Saturday. As …

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