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Backcountry Survival and Rescue Skills 101

Learn how to survive and treat others by taking a wilderness medicine class

I hope you never have to deal with a life and death situation in the wilderness. But the odds are good that you will, sooner or later, if you spend significant time in the backcountry by yourself or with groups of backpackers, …

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High Gaiters, Low Gaiters

A lot of hikers contact me about gaiters, so I thought I’d write a post about high and low gaiters, when they’re appropriate to use and why you might use them. First off, there are high gaiters and low gaiters. High gaiters …

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Cold Cold World Backpacks

Cold Cold World Chernobyl Backpack

I was out today doing some gear testing, trying to figure out the best way to carry snowshoes on one of my existing backpacks. It looks like the system shown here is pretty workable: I’ve stowed the bottoms of my Atlas 830 …

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Mountain Hardware Cohesion Pants

It was Thanksgiving day and the weather was a bit chilly so I decided to test out a pair a Mountain Hardware Cohesion Pants for showshoeing this winter in Vermont. I put on a pair of Patagonia 1 Capilene long underwear underneath …

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