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Mountain Laurel Designs Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks

MLD Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks

The weight of stuff sacks can really add up if you go overboard with them. I’ve eliminated most of them from my packing system, but I still use two 8L Sea-to-Summit Ultra-Sil Waterproof Stuff Sacks to protect my down sleeping bag and …

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Hiking with Plush Animals

I often bring along a plush (we used to call them stuffed) animal when I go hiking. A surprising number of other hikers and backpackers do this as well. Why? Well it started as a prank that my wife would play on …

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Why Bushwhack?

The View Off Trail

Most people don’t realize that hiking trail design is a spin-off from landscape architecture where trail designers deliberately plan vistas and trail features to heighten our experience of natural beauty. Given that background, some element of the pleasure we experience hiking and …

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Mountain Laurel Designs Doumid Review

Duomid on the TGO Challenge - Scotland 2010

Here is my Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid Review based largely on my experiences using this shelter during the 13 day TGO Challenge, this year in Scotland. Andy Howell has also published a review of the cuben fiber version, which I also suggest …

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