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Camelbak Hydrolock

CamelBak Hydrolock Valve

  I am not a fan of Camelbak hydration reservoirs, but I love their locking valves. So much, that I tear off the wimpy mouthpiece that comes with the Platypus hydration reservoir drinking system and add a Camelbak hydrolock valve to it. …

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How to Hang a Bear Bag

I had to laugh when I watched this video about hanging a bear bag and all of the things that can go wrong in the process. If you’ve tried this yourself, you’ll know exactly what I mean. How many times have you …

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Final Route Plan: TGO Challenge

I've now spent the good part of a month on detailed planning of my 2010 Challenge Route, and I've made some fairly major changes since I posted it last on January 7. I've added a nearly full rest day in Kingussie and …

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Days: 12-13 Tarfside to Montrose

The last two days of my TGO Challenge walk appear pretty straightforward. I follow the River Esk to Edzell and from there begin to follow smaller roads to Brechin and Montrose and the eastern shore of Scotland where my hike ends. Technically, …

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