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Red-spotted Newts

Red Spotted Newt

I took a long day hike this morning in search of the Catskills Aqueduct which flows underground through the Mohonk Preserve. Along the way, I spotted a lot of wildlife including a swimming beaver, white-tailed deer, wild turkeys and a unusual congregation …

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Buff Bandanas

  One of the most versatile pieces of gear I’ve tried this year are Buff Bandanas. They make excellent hats, headbands, scarves, potholders, bug masks, and so on. A buff is a tube of polyester fabric. If you slip it over your …

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Gossamer Gear Bug Canopy

Gossamer Gear Bug Net

On my past two backpacking trips, I’ve brought along a Gossamer Gear bug canopy to keep the bugs of my face when I sleep in open shelters. Weighing only 2.3 oz., this bug net can be hung underneath a tarp or in …

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