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Therm-a-rest Lite Seat Review

I don’t carry a sit pad when I go hiking. I just sit on my backpack or day pack if I need thermal protection from the ground during rest breaks. Tree stumps also work pretty well if they’re not covered in snow. …

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Hikers Guide to Gaelic Mapping Words

Off Trail in Scotland

If you want to hike in Scotland, you need to learn some basic Gaelic words so you can read a map. The maps of Scotland published by the UK’s Ordnance Survey are full of Gaelic place names like Lairg Ghru, Beinn Bhreas, …

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TGO Challenge Route Plan: Version 10

Shielin of Mark Bothy, Scotland

Here is a working draft of my 2010 TGO Challenge Route across Scotland. I realize that this probably just looks like a bunch of Gaelic place names right now, but I’ll be expanding the detail considerably over the next few weeks, with …

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Planning a Cross-Country Hike

Martin Rye

Photos Courtesy of Martin Rye Walter Underwood left a great comment last week on my book review of the NOLs Wilderness Guide, where he was critical about the book’s lack of time control plan (TCP) examples. A TCP or Route Plan, as …

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