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Asolo AFS Evoluzione: Plastic Mountaineering Boot

Asolo AFS Evoluzione Mountaineering Boots

This weekend, I rented a pair of plastic mountaineering boots to try out in preparation for my upcoming Introduction to Mountaineering Course. This is a 3 day class that I’ll be taking with the International Mountain Climbing School in North Conway, NH …

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Becoming a Naturalist

For many years, my primary motivation for hiking and backpacking has been to experience a form of meditation practiced by Buddhists called walking meditation. This differs from sitting meditation because the practitioner is moving outdoors with their eyes open, paying close attention …

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Mountain Hardware Phantom Down Jacket

I bought the Mountain Hardware Phantom Down Jacket on sale about 2 weeks ago because I needed an exceptionally warm coat for winter camping and mountaineering. Since then, I’ve worn it everyday and I am amazed at how warm it is. The Phantom’s …

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How Big is your Backpacking Knife?

This article is in response to Jason’s Klass’ post In defense of the knife. Jason believes that a knife is important to carry in the backcountry. His preference is a 2.6 oz. Spyderco Delica 4. A perfectly logical choice, except maybe the …

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