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Trip Report: Mass AT, Lee to Dalton

Appalachian Trail near October Mt. Shelter

This weekend I took another section hike on the Appalachian Trail from Lee, MA to Dalton, MA, a distance of 20 miles. Unlike my last trip, this section was infinitely easier. The snow had all melted and the daytime temperatures were a …

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Waldies Aruba – Lightweight Camp Sandals

Waldies Sandals

When you go backpacking you need to take care of your feet. This may sound obvious, but people don’t do a very good job of it. Blisters, plantar fasciitis, athletes foot, bunions, broken toenails, etc. can sideline you for days, weeks, or …

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Exped Downmat 7 Sleeping Pad

Exped Downmat 7 Sleeping Bag

The Exped Downmat 7 is a sinfully luxurious sleeping pad for cold weather camping when you need extra insulation below your sleeping bag to stay warm. Almost all sleeping bags, no matter their temperature rating, have one fundamental flaw. When you get …

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A Bear’s Sense of Smell


If someone were to ask you, “how does a bear smell,” you could answer in two ways. Bears smell real bad – or so I’m told – or bears smell exceptionally well, as I discuss below. Bears are thought to have the …

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