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Long Handled Titanium Spoon

Ultralight Titanium Spoon

If you are like me and eat a lot of freezer bag or dehydrated meals out of plastic bags, chances are good that you are going to drop some oatmeal or curried chicken down the front of your shirt. That’s not good, …

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Easy Backpacking Coffee Options

Tasters Choice Instant

A lot of backpackers really like having coffee in the morning. In fact, I have friends who are so fanatical about it that they roast there own coffee at home and bring coffee presses to make it on the trail. I like …

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Good Trail Food: Olive Oil

Olive Oil

I'm traveling this week and just got back from a fantastic dinner at Carmines, and excellent Italian restaurant on Rush Street in Chicago. Incredible food. I had an appetizer tonight that I have been planning to bring on my next section hike …

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Navigational Tools: A Watch

Last weekend I was hiking a section of the Long Trail in Vermont and I met up with an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker who asked me what time it was. I was a little surprised that they guy wasn’t wearing a watch and …

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