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Backpacker’s Pantry: Dehydrated Meals

Katmandu Curry

I originally became a devotee of freezer bag cooking because I like to eat clean. Dehydrated mashed potatoes, Knorr soup mixes, or ramen noodle packs are full of salt, MSG and other horrible ingredients that will pickle your liver. Give me a …

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Marmot Pounder 40 Degree Primaloft Sleeping Bag

  The Marmot Pounder is a 40 degree sleeping bag filled with synthetic Primaloft, intended for summer camping. This is a very simple sleeping bag with few frills. It has a full length zipper, a mummy hood, and a slinky nylon shell. …

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Bodyglide: Skin Chafing Prevention

Picture this. You are forced to wear long pants on a backpacking trip because the black flies are biting, you hate wearing DEET or you are concerned about catching Lyme disease from ticks. The weather is hot and you start to sweat …

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Hennessy Hammocks Supershelter: Field Tests

The Hennessy Hammock Supershelter contains three components: an Undercover, an Underpad, and the Overcover. The Undercover is a waterproof, windproof, Silnylon layer that provides another layer of material under the hammock protecting your back from the cooling effects of the wind (9.0 …

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