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First Need Water Purifier Upgrade

First Need Water Filter

This past year, General Ecology, makers of the First Need Water Purifier system, changed their water purifier cartridges. The old cartridge model was called a First Need Deluxe (left) and the new one is called the First Need XL (right, in photo.) …

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Assembling an Ultralight Bear Bag System


  I’ve bought a few commercial bear bags in my time and found them lacking in various ways. So I assembled the following bear bag system that I’ve been using very successfully over the past 2 years. It has 5 components: a …

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Sawanobori – Japanese Shower Climbing

First Big Drop - Warner River, NH

Philip kayaking in New Hampshire I was reading the Japanese version of the Montbell site last night and came across an interesting sport I’d never heard of that has a following in Japan, called Sawanobori, or Shower Climbing. It combines all of …

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Orikaso Fold Flat Camping Bowl

Folding Bowl

There was a time when I would never have considered bringing a bowl on a backpacking trip. But now that I’ve tried the Orikaso Big Bowl, I’m going to start bringing this on my longer trips. Eating freezer bag meals and drinking …

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