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Probars – My Secret Vice

Munching on a Superfood Slam PROBAR while climbing Mt Madison, NH

I’ve become hooked on Probars. Those of you who read my post Powerbar Bakeoff will be amused because I now like them more than Amish powerbars. It was an accident, I swear! In order to do a fair evaluation of Probars, I …

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Preventing Mold in Hydration Systems

Do you see that red stain on the inside of my platypus hydration bladder  in the picture below? That’s mold, like the stuff that grows on our bathroom shower curtain. I only noticed it on my last backpacking trip, and since getting …

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Long Trail Gear List: Section One

The Old Montclair Shelter, Camels Hump, The Long Trail

Here’s the gear list that I’m planning to take on my first Long Trail Section hike over the Memorial Day weekend. It comes out to a base weight of 12.5 lbs which is a respectable lightweight load. With water, food, and fuel, …

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