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AT Section Hike: Mt Cube, New Hampshire

I finished the last section of the New Hampshire Appalachian trail south of Kinsman Notch this past weekend, climbing Mt Cube (2,909 ft) on Saturday with my friends natureGirl and Mark. We started at the trail head off of NH-25A and climbed …

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AT Section Hike: Hannover to Killington

I just got back from hiking a 44 mile section of the Appalachian Trail, starting in Hannover New Hampshire and finishing at Sherburne Pass, just below Killington Mountain, in Vermont. It was a challenging hike that I packed into 3 days, taking …

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Under Armour HeatGear Boxerjocks

Wearing long pants can be a challenge when the weather warms up and you start to sweat more. It’s times like these when you need good wicking underwear that will move moisture away from your skin and prevent thigh chafing. So far, …

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Ticks, Lyme, and Permethrin

Wearing a Head Net on The Long Trail

Given the number of non-hikers that ask me about ticks and Lyme disease, it appears that either the awareness of tick-borne illness or it’s territorial spread are increasing, or both. According to the CDC, cases of Lyme disease are concentrated in the …

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