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Jacks ‘R’ Better 8’x8′ Square Silnylon Tarp

Square and rectangular tarps are easy to squeeze into tight spaces but it takes a lot of practice to pitch them in a way that provides adequate weather protection (JRB 8x8 Square Tarp, shown.)

Jack’s ‘R’ Better (frequently abbreviated JRB) is a boutique manufacturer of quilts and other accessories for Hennessy Hammocks, such as The Nest, a down underquilt for insulating the bottom of a hammock in colder weather to extend its temperature range. They also …

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REI Sub Kilo 20 Down Sleeping Bag Review

I’ve owned my REI Sub Kilo 20 down sleeping bag for about 2 years. It’s a pretty utilitarian mummy sleeping bag that provides good value at a good price ($239). Like all down bags, it  compresses down very well and takes up …

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Hennessy Hammock SnakeSkins

Henessey Hammock Snakeskins

Picture this. You get to camp, but it’s pouring rain and you need to get your hammock set up as soon as possible. If you own a hammock, you know that it can take about 5 minutes to get the entire Hennessy …

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Probars – My Secret Vice

Munching on a Superfood Slam PROBAR while climbing Mt Madison, NH

I’ve become hooked on Probars. Those of you who read my post Powerbar Bakeoff will be amused because I now like them more than Amish powerbars. It was an accident, I swear! In order to do a fair evaluation of Probars, I …

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