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Philip Werner Bio

Philip Werner backpacking down the Moriah Brook trail in the Wild River Wilderness

Philip Werner is a full-time outdoor author and backpacker who resides in New England. The name of this site, Section Hiker, refers to Vermont’s 272-mile “The Long Trail” which I section hiked in 2008 in addition to hiking 1400 miles of the Appalachian Trail. I’ve also hiked thru-hiked the TGO Challenge (Coast-to-Coast across Scotland) twice and I’m currently section hiking the Cape Wrath Trail, also in Scotland.

But my heart belongs to New Hampshire’s White Mountains where I live and do most of my hiking and backpacking. I’m the 36th person to finish hiking all 1440 miles of the White Mountain National Forest trail system and the 3rd person to do it twice. I’ve also climbed all 48 of the 4000 footers in the White Mountains many times over (560 summits and counting), including three rounds during calendar winter. While I love hiking trails and backpacking, I am also a compulsive off-trail hiker and enjoy spending the day Tenkara fly fishing on mountain streams you can only walk to.

Backpacking across Scotland in the TGO Challenge
Backpacking across Scotland in the TGO Challenge

Stewardship and Volunteer Activities

I’m a hiking leader for the Appalachian Mountain Club and like mentoring new leaders. I’ve also been a Long Trail Mentor for the Green Mountain Club in Vermont, a volunteer hiking leader for the AMC’s Cold River Camp in Evan’s Notch, and a volunteer trail maintainer for the USFS in the White Mountain National Forest.

Winter Ascent of Mount Moriah, White Mountain National Forest
Winter Ascent of Mount Moriah, White Mountain National Forest

Outdoor Certifications and Training

I am a Leave No Trace Master Educator qualified to train individuals to become Leave No Trace Trainers. In addition, I am a former guide for Andrew Skurka Adventures and have WFA, CPR/AED, and Level 1 AIARE Certifications. I’m also certified to perform trail maintenance in the White Mountain National Forest with an axe.

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Contact Information

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Note: Philip gets so many requests for help planning AT section hikes and hikes in the White Mountains, that he can’t respond to them all. 

  • If you need help planning a hike on the Appalachian Trail, most answers (parking, shuttles, campsites, etc) can be found in The Appalachian Trail Guide
  • If you need help planning a hike in the White Mountains, most answers (parking, shuttles, campsites, trails, etc) can be found in the The White Mountain Guide. 

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