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Platypus Hang Loop Trick

When I set up a shelter for the night, I always try to fill up two, 3 L platypus hydration bladders with water before I start cooking dinner: one for camp and one for the next day, so I can get an early start. However, depending on the distance between my tent, tarp, hammock, or a shelter, and the water source, it can be a real pain to carry to two, cold, slippery, 6 lb hydration bladders back to my camp.

So on my last AT section hike in New Hampshire, I used a trick I picked up from Jason Klass: a platypus hang loop. Simply thread some Kelty Triptease or heavier cord through the holes in the bottom of your platypus bladder. If you haven’t yet punched these out, just use a pen or other sharp object to perforate them. Some backpacks, like my old REI UL 60 have hooks in them or little dowels that fit through these holes and keep the bladder upright in a hydration pocket, which can be handy since it collapses on itself as it starts to empty.

Now, when you’re walking, or as is often the case, climbing back to camp, you can just sling the loops over your shoulder,making it much easier to carry the bladders and your filter, etc. Yet another reason why you should use platypus bladders, imho.


  1. yep great idea.
    Now THIS is a platypus!! http://tinyurl.com/r7e794
    and in Tasmania – this one! In snow – very, very rare http://tinyurl.com/o8973h

  2. I just bought a new 3 L platypus this week. It has a hard top with a handle and two holes on the top that you could put cord through to make the hang loop. It seems like a good design.

  3. I know platypus bags are quite sturdy, but won't the holes tear the material over time due to the weight of the water pulling down on the kelty line? Do you have any suggestions for reinforcing the holes so this doesn't happen? This is a great idea and I'm thinking about using it for incorporating Jason Klass's Aquamira gravity filter system. Thanks!


  4. The platy holds don't tear out. This is actually part of Jason's system, the only part that works reliably, given the manufacturing inconsistencies with the aquamira pro filters, which do not all drip at the same rate – some are insanely slow.

  5. I used some old kydex rivets from a sheath project I did a while back and used them to reinforce the holes I made in my platypus 2L bag. I dont have a press so I used an automotive brake line flare tool to press down the rivets in a vice. I also used some flat washers to kind of spread out the pressure a little. It worked perfectly. I now have aluminum reinforced holes to run a rope through, and it looks super clean. The rivets can be purchased on ebay for a few bucks. Ill try and post pics on this site somehow.

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