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PocketMonkey: A Light and Skinny Multitool

PocketMonkey Utility Tool
PocketMonkey Utility Tool

PocketMonkey is a surprisingly useful multitool for its minimal size and weight. It weighs 18 grams, is slightly smaller and thicker than a credit card, and is designed to fit into a card slot in your wallet. The PocketMonkey is USA made, TSA compliant, feels good in the hand, and makes me smile every time I look at it.

The manufacturer claims 12 functions for this cute multitool:

  • Bottle opener
  • Screwdriver
  • Micro screwdriver
  • Flat Philips screwdriver
  • Phone stand in conjunction with a credit card
  • Hex wrenches in five sizes
  • Orange peeler or banana peel starter
  • Door latch slip
  • Earbuds cord wrap
  • Letter opener
  • Ruler (both English and metric)
  • Straight edge which can also be used as a scraper

While the letter opener and door latch slip are not likely to be useful in the back country the other functions are handy and easy to use. Though, the micro screwdriver is not quite micro enough; it could fit into some, but not all the eyeglass screws I attempted to tighten. On the other hand, the micro screwdriver worked quite well for prying small stones out from the soles of my shoes, and the earbuds cord wrap could be used in a pinch as a cord tensioner.

PocketMonkey’s biggest drawback is the lack of any kind of sharp edge or blade. While it was possible to cut dental floss with the slightly sharper area inside the letter opener it was not easy. As a camping tool PocketMonkey paired with a small folding knife would be a fine minimalist option.

I plan to put PocketMonkey in my wallet. He is a cheerful and obliging little guy who will always be there to help, even on an airplane.

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  1. You might be able to file that micro screwdriver a bit to make it fit glasses screws better.

    • I’d rather not. The micro screwdriver is also the bit for stone prying, and I’d rather keep it strong. Also, as the creator says in the video PocketMonkey is made of metal that is soft enough to be stamped — that’s what keeps it so thin — and then hardened. I’d hate to find out that filing removed a hardened exterior. Also one of the appeals it that PM is smooth and nicely finished, no bitey or scratchy places when you hold it. I’d hate to lose that.

  2. Can you use any of the tools for a pencil sharpener? Scraping pencils with a knife to write SOAP notes is always such a pain.

    • See above, no blade or sharp bits. Use a pen! Maybe one of those write anywhere Fisher Space pens.

    • If you don’t take that blasted WFA training you will not need to worry about a SOAP note because; 1) you will have to be more careful in the wilderness because you know that if you break it, it is going to stay broke and 2) you wouldn’t know what a SOAP note is.

  3. As a multi-tool weenie I was intrigued by this item. So I bought one. I should have it in 2-3 weeks. The letter opener curve has an edge on it that may trim a pencil and perhaps cut cord.

    • Hi Steve. CaptainMouse is actually Sectionhiker’s spouse creature, Software Tech Writer Extraordinaire. RTFM (or P for post). You will see that I tried that area and was barely able to cut dental floss.

      • Hi there Captain Mouse

        Your post overlapped mine by 5 min. Did not see it.
        When I get my pocket monkey, I’ll evaluate that cutting edge and see if it
        can be filed sharp with a fine round file. If it can cut nylon cord I may switch from my beloved Leatherman Style CS

        Something to consider is that the monkey REALLY seems to want to be in a wallet. IMHO. When I’m out in the woods, my wallet is sometimes not that handy and I certainly prefer not to carry my wallet in my pocket. But the CS with it’s clip keeps it always handy. Something to consider.

        • It is possible to put a plain key ring through one of PM’s eyes (Ouch!) and attach a ‘biner to that for outside carry. I tried directly threading a Nite-Ize tiny .5 S-Biner but it was too big.

          The Style CS is good. But the baby Leatherman I really miss is the Squirt S4 which is “retired”. I donated mine to Take Stuff Away, sigh.

  4. My spouse creature prefers to keep me away from sharp objects now, so this may be perfect for me!

  5. researching multitools

    I just love seeing all the things people put into multitools – so much creativity and functionality in one…

  6. Just got one and haven’t used it yet, but while I agree that a blade would be a nice addition, I was just thinking that if it had a blade then it might not be as TSA-compliant as it claims it is.

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