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Reader Poll: Best Trail Guidebooks?

Hiking Guidebook Authors Guest Post Series
Great Hiking Guidebooks

Great hiking trail guidebooks can open a new world up for novice and experienced hikers who need a little bit of help coming up with good day hike or backpacking trip ideas.

What are your favorite hiking trail guidebooks?

Example Entries

The North Country Trail by Ron Strickland.

AMC’s Best Backpacking in New England by Matt Heid.

Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook by Jackie McDonnell

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  1. the amc white mountain guide by steven smith and mike dickerman

  2. Tim Homan The hiking trails of north georgia

    (though it’s hard to pick just one!)

  3. Pennsylvania Hiking Trails: 13th Edition (Keystone Trails Association), Ben Cramer

  4. AMC’s Best Day Hikes in the Catskills and Hudson Valley by Peter W. Kick.

  5. Hiking Shenandoah by Bert and Jane Gildart

  6. Guide to the John Muir Trail. by Kathy Morey & Tom Winnett.

  7. Hiking Florida: A Guide to Florida’s Greatest Hiking Adventures by M.Timothy O’Keefe

  8. The A.T. Guide by David Miller

  9. 100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades

  10. The A.T. Guide; A handbook for hiking the Appalachian Trail, by David “AWOL” Miller

  11. Hiking Pennsylvania Guide Book

    by Rhonda & George Ostertag

  12. I’ve got to stick with ‘AMC’s Best Backpacking in New England’ by Matt Heid. Tackling it one by one!

  13. 50 Hikes in Michigan by Jim Dufresne was the first hiking book I bought and really sparked my interest in backpacking.

  14. The Colorado Trail: Colorado Trail Foundation

  15. Backcountry adventure guide to the Rawah wilderness…Raymond Ave

  16. Guide to ADK Trails – Eastern Region, edited by David Thomas-Train

  17. Starr’s Guide to the JMT (great observation by Chris) also Timberline Country, The High Sierra Route by Steve Roper.

  18. Loop Hikes Washington (BEST Series) by Dan A Nelson

  19. This is a different sort of trail guide, but a fun and informative read none the less. I highly recommend it. The Wild Food Trail guide.

  20. Easy Hiking Around Vancouver: An All-Season Guide by Jean Cousins

  21. Colorado Trail Databook Author: Colorado Trail Foundation

  22. “The Pyrenean Haute Route” by Ton Joosten

    I thru hiked the HRP and found the information in the guide helpful

  23. AMC Massachusetts Trail Guide, edited by John S. Burk… the AMC White Mountain Guide is a close second, however.

  24. Best Tent Camping: Colorado – Kim Lipker

  25. White Mountain Guide, 29th edition – Mike Dickerman, Steven D. Smith
    The Whites are practically in my back yard so this book is my bible. :)

  26. Moon California Hiking by Tom Steinstra and Ann Brown.

  27. Monongahela Hiking Guide by Allen de Hart and Bruce Sundquist

  28. The best of the appalachian trail: overnight hikes by Victoria Logue, Frank Logue, Leonard Adkins

  29. The Long Trail Guide: Hiking Vermont’s High Ridge by the Green Mountain Club.

  30. Iron Mine Trails, A History and Hiker’s Guide to the Historic Mines of the New Jersey and New York Highlands. By Edward J. Lenik

  31. The A.T. Guide by David Miller.

  32. Colorado’s High Thirteeners by Mike Garratt and Bob Martin

  33. The GR10 Trail through the French Pyrenees by Paul Lucia, this book is a fantastic guide to all the sections of the GR10, it takes you through gorgeous villages where foot weary travellers can enjoy the incredible hospitality of the mountain folk while enjoying incredible scenery and hiking trails that are intense but gorgeous.

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