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REI Passage 2 Tent Review

REI Passage 2 Tent Review

The REI Passage 2 is a comfortable two-person camping tent that’s ideal for car camping, base camping, and short backpacking trips. It has two doors and two giant vestibules with plenty of external gear storage. But what sets this tent apart from others is its internal livability. The tent interior can fit two 25 inch wide sleeping pads without breaking a sweat. Plus the Passage has six large interior storage pockets, including four in the ceiling and two in the sides, something that a lot of tent manufacturers make you pay extra for. Priced at $159, this tent is a great value and a real pleasure to use.

REI Passage 2 Tent

Ease of Setup
Weather Resistance
Packed Size

Best Buy

The REI Passage 2 is easy to set up with a spacious interior and separate doors and vestibules for each occupant. It's an awesome value for the price and durably built for many years of use.

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Specs at a Glance

  • People: 2
  • Doors/Vestibules: 3
  • Type: Double-wall, semi-freestanding (vestibules must be staked)
  • Minimum number of stakes required: 4
  • Inner tent dimensions: 88″ x 52″
  • Peak height: 40″
  • Minimum trail weight: 4 lbs 2 oz
  • Stakes: included
  • Tent Footprint: Included
  • For complete specs

The REI Passage 2 is a two-person tent that is very easy to set up. The inner tent is suspended from two crossed aluminum tent poles by plastic hooks that lock into four corner grommets. You don’t have to stake out the four corners, but it does make setup much easier if you do and prevent the tent from blowing away in a breeze. Still, it’s nice to have the option of a freestanding inner tent if you need to pitch the tent or a very hard surface, like a rock ledge, or a very soft one, like beach sand.

The inner tent is freestanding with crossing aluminum poles that secure into corner grommets

The rain fly drapes over the inner tent to keep out moisture and increase privacy. The fly clips into the corner grommets, so no additional stakes are needed in the corners. This also makes it much easier for one person to set up, while your partner is taking care of additional camp chores.

The Passage 2 has two large vestibules covering the side doors, that require two stakes each to secure. The vestibules are quite deep and provide excellent rain coverage. You can also unzip just the upper half of the vestibule doors, like a door transom, to help vent the inner tent while keeping breezes from chilling you.  You can also store gear on both sides of the inner tent door since the vestibule has what amounts to two side wings. It’s a great combination of features that really improve utility and livability.

There is plenty of room to store gear in the vestibule without blocking door access

The interior of the Passage 2 is similarly well-appointed with four mesh pockets in the ceiling and two on the sidewalls for storing personal items, hanging a lamp/lantern, or just drying out your damp socks. There are also additional gear loops so you can hang a clothesline. A lot of tent companies try to nickel and dime you for add-on gear lofts with this kind of functionality, but it’s all part of the package with the Passage 2.

The REI Passage 2 is a spacious tent for two people

The interior dimensions of the Passage 2 are 88″ x 52″ which is truly rectangular without one tapered side. It can easily fit two 25″ wide sleeping pads plenty of length for tall occupants. The headroom is excellent and the tent has vertical sidewalls. provided plenty of internal room to move about in or sit up.

Comparable Budget Backpacking Tents

Make / Model / PeopleWeightDesignPrice
REI Trail Hut 24 lbs 14 ozFreestanding$229
Featherstone Backbone 2P2 lbs 11.5 ozTrekking Pole$200
Sierra Designs Full Moon 23 lbs 15.5 ozFreestanding$230
Big Agnes C-Bar-23 lbs 9 ozFreestanding$250
Kelty Late Start 24 lbsFreestanding$159
Marmot Tungsten 2P4 lbs 15.7 ozFreestanding$249
Lanshan 22 lbs 7 ozTrekking Pole$200
REI Trailmade 24 lbs 4 ozFreestanding$199
Six Moon Designs Skyscape Scout2 lbs 8 ozTrekking Pole$160
Dan Durston X-Mid 11 lb 12 ozTrekking Pole$240


The REI Passage 2 Tent is a BEST BUY in my book and has quickly become my goto car camping tent when I want to a tent to crash in between day hikes on the road. I really like how easy it is to set up and all of the inside pockets, which make it easy to keep my glasses and electronics from getting crushed overnight. Weighing 4 lbs 2 oz, the Passage is definitely not an ultralight backpacking tent, but it is a great entry level beginner tent, basecamp, or couples tent for shorter trips if you want an affordable tent that is easy to use, durably built, and comfortable.

Disclosure: The author purchased this tent.

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  1. I just picked up the 1-person version of this tent for $80 (REI Outlet markdown plus 20% coupon.) Like you, I wanted a tent I could use for “night-before” camping at a trailhead, or for my infrequent ventures into cold weather. (My current preference is the REI Flash Air 2.) This tent looks like a clone of the original version of the MSR Hubba. If memory serves, REI briefly owned MSR (whose tents trace their lineage back into the long-gone Moss Tent company.)

    It appears the Passage tents have been discontinued, or perhaps just renamed – the “just introduced” Trailmade 1-person tent appears to be a near-copy of this tent (same weight, same materials, same dimensions, but a jazzy new color.) REI seems to have done a similar thing with its fleece, “discontinuing” a couple of old lines and coming out with near-identical “Trailmade” models. It may be that they are now differentiating their lightweight gear with the “Flash” name, and a slightly higaher price (but still about 20-30% less expensive than big-name ultralight gear) from their more traditional weight (and less-expensive) gear which carries the “Trailmade” name.

    Anyhow, it’s a nice tent and a real steal for $100 (the Outlet price before the additional member coupon.) As of this writing (4/25/23) REI still has some available. Failing that, the Trailmade version is only $159 and might be a comparable quality (I haven’t actually seen one, but the specs are virtually identical.)

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