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Section Hiker Summer Reading and Raffle Series

Hiking Memoirs

Starting next Wednesday, August 1st, I will be hosting a 3 week series of guest posts by famous hiking authors. It’s an all star cast including Chris Townsend, Tom Ryan, Justin Lichter, David ‘AWOL’ Miller, Bill Walker, Dennis Blanchard, Ron Strickland and many others. I know you’ll enjoy their articles which will be published exclusively here, on Section Hiker. They’ll also be taking questions via comments so feel free to interact with them.

This being a summer reading series, there will also be a raffle each week where I get to test your reading comprehension or make you write a book report! Just kidding.  Seriously, I have some great hiking and backpacking gear to raffle off including a cuben fiber Porter Expedition backpack from Hyperlight Mountain Gear, a MSR Nook 2 person tent, a Sierra Designs Ultralight down sleeping bag, and a Biolite Wood Stove.

Here’s the full guest post and raffle schedule:

  • August 1 – Dennis Blanchard, Bears, Mice And Other Ferocious Beasts of the Wilderness
  • August 2 – Ron Strickland, Hikers and Nature
  • August 3 – Raffle – Hyperlight Mountain Gear, Porter Expedition Backpack
  • August 5 – Bill Walker, Trail Culture on the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, and Camino de Santiago
  • August 6 – Chris Townsend, Hard Lessons & Inspirations
  • August 7 – Tom Ryan, Narnia Lost
  • August 8 – Steve Smith, A Taste for Bushwhacking
  • August 9 – Justin Lichter, Day 1: The Approach Trail
  • August 10 – Raffle – MSR Nook, Two Person Tent
  • August 12 – Al Dragon, Hiking and Backpacking: Getting Lost and Getting Found
  • August 13 – Will Reitveld, Reminitions on the Alcohol Stove: Embarrassments and Triumphs Never Before Revealed
  • August 14 – Patricia Ellis Herr, Mud and Blood
  • August 15 – Susan Alcorn, The Stories We Tell Ourselves
  • August 16  – Walt McLaughlin, Detour to East Chairback Pond
  • August 17 – Raffle – Sierra Designs Cloud 15 Ultralight Sleeping Bag
  • August 19 – Carey Kish, Beginner Backpacking on The Cheap
  • August 20 – Lawton Grinter, Trail Food: The Most Important Piece of Gear in Your Pack
  • August 21 – Deb Lauman, The Value of Fear
  • August 22 –  David ‘AWOL’ Miller, Practice Hikes
  • August 23 –  Kathleen Meyer, Uh-Oh!
  • August 24 – Raffle – Biolite Wood Stove

So mark your calendars, make some popcorn, and indulge yourself in reading about our favorite pastime, hiking! I know you’ll enjoy these articles which all turned out splendidly, and encourage you to interact with our guests by leaving a comment on their posts.

During part of this series, I will be on an Appalachian Trail Section Hike in Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness, but I trust our guests will be in your good hands.



  1. Great! i hope we have Bill Bryson in the future

  2. Very interesting list! I hope each day’s guest posting also has a link to the author’s book. I have tried looking up your list through Amazon, but some searches do not come up with books assigned to the name listed.

  3. Hey Philip,

    That’s quite an impressive line up you have. can’t wait to read the posts. I’m sure they will be great.


  4. I set it all up this past weekend – the content is really great. Some educational, some opinion, some experiential. Here are a some teasers:

    When did Chris Townsend discover Wilderness? – and what did he look like at age 25?
    What’s it like for Trish Herr to hike 4,000 footers with her young daughters?
    What was Justin Lichter thinking on the first day of his first thru-hike (on the AT)?
    What did Will Reitveld learn when he started using alcohol stoves?

    and many other great moments in hiking literature!

  5. You could fill one of those blank days with Philip Connors (Fire Season) and I’d be happy.

    • I’ll put him on my list for next time – who knows – maybe this will become an annual thing. Saturday blog traffic tends to be lower than other days of the week, so I post the authors pieces on days when I know they’ll get the most traffic.

  6. how do you enter the raffle?