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50 Best Backpacking Gifts Under $50


It can be difficult to pick good backpacking gifts if you’re not an expert backpacker or hiker. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of great backpacking gifts under $50 to help you get your backpacking friends gear that they’ll appreciate, without breaking the bank.

Backpacking Gifts Under $50

  1. Toaks Titanium 750 ml Pot. Ultralight backpack cook pot perfect for boiling water and simple cooking.
  2. Toaks Titanium Alcohol Stove: Ultralight alcohol siphon-style backpacking stove. Super easy to use.
  3. MSR Trail Shot Water Filter. Hand sized water filter great for trail runners and fast hikers.
  4. Joby GorillaPod Action Tripod. Designed for GoPro Action cameras. Great accessory.
  5. AntigravityGear Ultralight Bear Bag System. Weighs 3.8 oz and includes 50′ of cord.
  6. Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon Hat. Super warm, windproof, Polartec Hat. A classic!
  7. NEMO Fillo Backpacking Pillow. Best pillow EVER! A backpacker and camper favorite.
  8. MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Canister Stove. Durable and reliable folding canister stove. Lasts forever.
  9. Nitecore NU20 Rechargeable Headlamp. Ultralight. Super bright USB Rechargeable headlamp.
  10. ENO Helios Hammock Strap System. Ultralight whoopie sling hammock suspension replacement system.
  11. Sven Saw. Ultralight folding saw that’s real handy for cutting firewood and trail maintenance.
  12. Petzl e+Lite Headlamp. Ultralight headlamp. One of the best designed products ever!
  13. Mountain Laurel Designs Event Rain Mitts. Makes hiking in the rain enjoyable again.
  14. Mora Blaze Orange Bushcraft Knife. Great multi-purpose outdoor knife. Hard to lose color
  15. Arlette Laan’s (Trail name: Apple Pie) Hiker Sock Dolls: Lovely reminder of your friendship.

Backpacking Gifts Under $25

  1. CNOC Vecto 3L Squeezable Water Bottle. Compatible with all Sawyer Squeeze, Mini, and Micro water filters.
  2. Toaks Titanium Windscreen. Super lightweight and compatible with all non-canister stoves.
  3. The Deuce #2 Ultralight Trowel. Bury your poop. Encourage Leave No Trace.
  4. Dirty Girl Gaiters. The most popular hiking shoe gaiters on the planet. Radical and fun patterns!
  5. Good To-Go Thai Curry. Great tasting dehydrated backpacking meal.
  6. Tyvek Tent Footprint. Soft, quiet, and ultralight.
  7. Possum Down Gloves. Super warm gloves from New Zealand.
  8. Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket. Holds a phone or camera. Attaches to any backpack shoulder strap.
  9. Simple Shower. Ultralight shower kit that connects to soda bottles.
  10. Aquamira Water Treatment Drops. Great gift for new backpackers. Long shelf life.
  11. Therm-a-Rest Seat Pad. Classic accordion-style sit pad to keep your bum warm and dry.
  12. Swiss Army Spartan Knife. You can never go wrong giving someone a Swiss Army Knife.
  13. Vargo Titanium Whistle. UL way to signal for help.
  14. BRS UL Titanium Canister Stove. Compact folding stove. Just 25 grams.
  15. Darn Tough Micro Cushion Hiking Socks. Backpackers favorite. Super durable and comfortable
  16. Nite-Ize BugLit LED Micro flashlight. Perfect for backpacking and camping. Looks like a bug!
  17. Luci Lantern. Solar powered lantern. Super lightweight. Good for emergencies too.
  18. MSR Windburner Coffee Press Kit. Got a Windburner? You can have coffee too.
  19. Snow Peak Titanium Trek 700 Mug. Ultralight cook pot which doubles as a bowl and mug.
  20. REI Lifetime Membership. 10% rebate on all purchases for the rest of your life!

Backpacking Gifts Under $10

  1. GoBite Uno Spork. Better than a traditional spork!
  2. Victorinox Replacement Tweezers. Replace the missing tweezers in your Swiss Army Knife.
  3. AlpineAire Food Indian Style Curry Freeze Dried Meal – Great tasting backpacking meal.
  4. Injinji Liner Socks. Socks with distinct toes that stop blisters in their tracks
  5. Dr. Bronner’s Soap. A revelation if you’ve never tried it. 2 oz size for backpacking. (2 or 4 oz size).
  6. Voile Ski Straps. These straps have a million and one uses for backpacking and skiing.
  7. Lightload Towels. Mini wash towels that can withstand multiple uses.
  8. Mountain House Ice Cream Sandwich. Freeze Dried!
  9. Assortment of Mini Nalgene Bottles. Perfect for ultralight backpacking.
  10. Packit Gourmet: Pasta Beef Bolognese Dinner: Hearty dehydrated dinner on the trail.
  11. 12 oz. Nalgene Flask. Great for sipping whiskey or cordials on the trail.
  12. Leukotape P Sportstape. Great blister prevention tape popular with long distance hikers.
  13. Jetboil Coffee Press. Turns a Jetboil stove into a French press.
  14. Tenacious Tape. The ultimate gear repair tape. A perfect stocking stuffer.
  15. REI Gift Card. It you’re clueless, give them a gift card. You can’t go wrong.
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  1. Just forwarded list highlighted to my mate for stocking stuffers. We only do stockings as we have enough thankfully in our lives

    The list is a great simple way to indicate things we will actually use (no whale neckties!).

    Question- who produces a toaks like windscreen tall enough for a canister stove-light, tall, and easily packed?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks – I’m not into flash bullshit, but practical gifts that people will actually use and don’t cost a fortune.

      No one makes a full-sized canister windscreen because it’s considered too dangerous….the canister overheats and turns into a grenade. The easiest way around that is to use a foam sleeping pad as a wind break around the stove, provided you keep it far away so it doesn’t melt.

      I have made a canister stove windscreen in the past. You can read about it here. You’ll note that it doesn’t cover the canister in order to keep it cool.

  2. Great list. You have got me on to what’s looks like a comfortable pillow. Use that with a Simple Shower & it’s going to be a good night’s sleep.

    Philip, do you have any recommendations for the biggest possible volume & carrying capacity backpack for the lightest possible weight. I know that’s a misnomer but I’m not a long trail hiker at all, so comfort & robustness is not an issue. I’d just buy another one when it falls apart. I head into the bush for very short trips to carrying a fair bit of bulky gear, hence the request. So I’m after the largest size for the smaller possible weight.



  3. Unless you know the person very well and know exactly what (s)he needs or wants, I’d suggest a gift certificate. I read through most of the list and find everything either a duplicate of what I have, or something I would leave at home. Of course a gift certificate was one of the items on the list, and that’s fine!

  4. Thanks Philip,

    Those packs look great. Closest to what I’m been looking for & I’ve searched for a long time.



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