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Super.Natural LS Top 175 Baselayer Jersey

Super.Natural Men's Base Layer LS Top 175

I hate writing product reviews about my underwear, but I’ve had such a good experience using Super.Natural’s LS Top 175 this winter, that I wanted to tell you about this new brand.

Half wool, half synthetic, the Super.Natural’s LS 175 Top has become my go-to cold weather base layer for winter hiking, snowshoeing, backpacking and cross-country skiing. Made from 48% Merino Wool, 48% Polyester, and 4% Lycra, I can wear the LS Top 175 continuously for several days without stinking. That’s important in the close quarters, co-ed ski club where I hang out over the winter.

This top also wicks incredibly well, so my skin is never wet when I’m cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. The fabric that the shirt is made out of is very thin and porous, which helps it move moisture away from my body into my mid-layers. But it still keeps me warm on frigid days, when I need to strip down to a base layer while climbing a peak to avoid overheating.

Washing this Super.Natural top is also easy since I can throw it in with all of my other clothes in the washer (cold/cold) and dry it with them on high heat. The LS Top 175 doesn’t shrink in size after washing either,  like so many other wool baselayer jerseys I’ve bought over the years. I never would have guessed that this shirt even contains wool, had I not known it from the label.

super.natural baselayers

Until I tried this new Super.Natural LS Top 175, I’d basically given up on wool baselayers for winter. Of course, at 48% Merino Wool and 48% Polyester, it’s something else entirely. Highly recommended!

Disclosure: Philip Werner ( received samples of this product from super.natural  for review. 

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  1. I don’t remember anyone using a 50/50 wool & synthetic weave like this. This sounds like a pretty cool shirt. What else do they make?

  2. This sounds like it’s worth a try. I really hate how wool jerseys shrink in the wash!

  3. My wool baselayers, I get a size larger, so when they wash and inevitably shrink, they fit. If these truly don’t stink, they may be worth a look.

  4. So, Phillip, why did you give up on wool base layers in the winter? I’m curious. Thanks.

    • I don’t use 100% wool jerseys at all because they always shrink when washed (to the point where they become unwearable) and frankly, they still stink after a few hours. This jersey, I like though. But it’s half synthetic as you can see.

  5. Huh. I’ve never had 100% wool shrink in the wash, but I always air dry them, never put them in the dryer. Maybe that’s why?

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