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Soto WindMaster OD-1RX Canister Stove

Soto Windmaster Canister Stove

Soto Outdoors has come out with a new canister stove called the WindMaster OD-1RX which they claim is more windproof and uses less fuel to boil the same amount of water than other canister stoves, including I assume, the Soto OD-1R Microregulator stove that I’ve been using the past two …

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Wood Gas Stoves: Second Thoughts

Solo Woodstove

No Backpacking Stove Fuel I’ve had my eye on wood gas stoves for a while because I Iike the idea of having a stove where you don’t have to carry fuel. If you’re going to be out for 4 or 5 days the amount of denatured alcohol or isobutane canister fuel …

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