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Torso Deep Snow Caves

I'm still at it this winter, building practice snow shelters and caves in my front yard. This time, I built a simple snow cave featured in the Revised Edition of Allen & Mike's Really Cool Backcountry Ski Book, which is the illustrated bible of traveling and camping skills for winter …

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Multi-Purpose Items as Snow Anchors

Practice Emergency Snow Trench to get out of the Winter Wind

Question You need to set up a shelter fast, but don’t have the time for snow anchors to set. What pieces of multi-purpose gear can you use to set up a winter tent, shaped tarp, or flat tarp? Answer If I’m up in the mountains on a winter overnight, I’m …

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How to Build Snow Shelters

Quinzee Snow Shelter

Building snow shelters is an important winter skill which can be used in emergency situations in the backcountry. Snow is a great insulator and works by preventing warm trapped in its crystalline structure from escaping. But more importantly perhaps, is that snow and snow structures provide a very effective barrier …

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