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Kudos to the Maine Appalachian Trail Club

Bog Bridge in Southern Maine I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to the Maine Appalachian Club (MATC) for the outstanding work they do maintaining the 267 miles of Appalachian Trail under their stewardship. Last month, we had a spell of heavy rain and high winds …

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In Favor of Small Hiking Clubs

Small Backpacking Club Logos

The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) has released their annual financial statement for 2009. If you’re a member of this organization, the good news is that the value of the AMC’s endowment has bounced back despite the muted market recovery and the organization has a lot more cash on hand than …

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Traditional Trail Maintenance Tools

During my end-to-end hike of the Long Trail, I backpacked through several wilderness areas in Vermont, including the Glastenbury, Lye Brook, Big Branch, Peru Peak, and Breadloaf Wilderness Areas. Wilderness Areas are specially designated natural areas protected under the Wilderness Act of 1964. There are 704 such areas in the US …

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Crosscut Saw Training for Trail Maintenance

I’m jazzed. I just signed up for a training course from the US Forest Service, on how to use a Crosscut saw. Successful participants of the class receive US Forest Certification for use of a crosscut saw to maintain trails in federal wilderness areas. The course is being held at …

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Following a Poorly Blazed Trail

White Blaze

I’ve hiked a lot of trails in New England where the trail blazing is erratic. Sometimes this is due to a shortage of tail maintainers and sometimes it’s deliberate, in order to create a greater sense of wilderness. Regardless of the cause, it can be unnerving, particularly when bad weather …

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