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Vapor Barrier Socks Using Reynolds Oven Bags

Reynolds Oven Bags make excellent vapor barrier socks for very cold winter hiking

Reynolds Oven Bags can be used as vapor barrier socks for cold winter hiking. They prevent foot perspiration from degrading the insulation inside your boots and freezing overnight when winter camping. This is especially valuable if your insulated boots do not have …

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Rab Vapor Barrier Socks Review

Mountaineering Boot Layering System

If you’re used to thinking about layering in winter, forget what you know, because vapor barrier clothing helps you stay warm and dry in a radically different way than conventional layering approaches. Vapor barrier clothing is not breathable and is normally worn …

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Stephenson’s Warmlite Vapor Barrier Gloves

Stephanson's Warmlite Vapor Barrier Glove

This white glove is a Vapor Barrier Glove¬†from Stephenson’s Warmlite ($22/pair) and can be worn under regular winter gloves to prevent them from wetting out with sweat during exertion. I wear them under lightweight fleece glove liners or heavier fleece gloves when …

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