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Hiking and Meditation

Hiking is meditation, for me at least. It’s one of the main reasons I run off into the mountains and  woods whenever I can. I first learned about meditation about 10 years ago when I took some classes and workshops on sitting and walking meditation at the Insight Meditation Center …

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Solo Backpacking

Solo Backpacking I do a lot of solo backpacking. I got started when I hiked the Long Trail in Vermont in 2008. No one I knew wanted to come along, but I still wanted to go, so I did it by myself. I quickly discovered that I liked it more …

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Becoming a Naturalist

For many years, my primary motivation for hiking and backpacking has been to experience a form of meditation practiced by Buddhists called walking meditation. This differs from sitting meditation, because the practioner is moving outdoors with their eyes open, paying close attention to their experience of walking. This level of …

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Refelections on my Long Trail End-to-End Hike

Philip Werner's Long Trail End-To-Ender Certificate

Last weekend, I finished the 8th and final section of my 270 mile End-to-End hike of the Long Trail, in Vermont. Of those 270 miles, I hiked about 230 miles by myself, beginning on May 23rd and ending on October 12th, 2008. Long Trail Southern Terminus to Rt 9. Northbound: …

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Walking Meditation

I like hiking and backpacking because it gives me an opportunity to empty my mind of everything and concentrate on the sensation of walking and being present with myself. When I hike, I don't dwell on work or relationships. Instead, I have attained the ability to be very present to …

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