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Winter Hiking Safety Tips

Snowshoeing up the Polecat Trail

Winter can be a dangerous time to hike or camp in the backcountry, but with planning and proper preparation, a winter hike can be a safe and enjoyable experience. Please keep the following in mind when planning an outing: For safety, never hike alone in winter. The potential consequences are …

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Winter Backpacking Gear List

Mt Washington and the Presidential Range from the summit of Mt Hale

I don’t believe in the idea of ultralight winter backpacking and I’d be hesitant to set an upper bound on what your winter gear weight should be, if only because people’s regional definition of winter differs so much. Regardless, I still try to reduce my gear weight in winter as …

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How to use an Ice Axe

Ice axe self-arrest

An ice axe is an essential safety tool for winter hiking and climbing. With proper instruction, it is easy to learn the basics and serves as a foundation for all subsequent winter hiking and mountaineering skills. If you’re new to winter hiking and climbing, the first thing you need to …

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Winter Sleeping Pad Puzzle?

I am stumped. I am trying to design a lighter weight sleeping pad system that can stand up to -15 (F) winter temperatures in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Today, I use an 27 oz. Exped Downmat 7 that has an R-value of 5.9. It's filled with down, but …

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How to Build a Quinzhee Snow Shelter

Quinzhee Snow Shelter

As I was following the discussion of the expense and weight of winter tents, I thought of a shelter I used for an overnight backpack I did a couple of years ago. The total weight of everything I needed for my shelter was less than two pounds and it cost …

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