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Winter Hiking Safety Tips

Snowshoeing up the Polecat Trail

Winter can be a dangerous time to hike or camp in the backcountry, but with planning and proper preparation, a winter hike can be a safe and enjoyable experience. Please keep the following in mind when planning an outing: For safety, never hike alone in winter. The potential consequences are …

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Dead Men in Winter

One very important skill you need in winter is how to stake out a tent or shelter. You can do this with skis, ice axes, and hiking poles, but people also use a special type of stake called a snow stake or snow anchor for anchoring your shelter to a …

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How to Inflate a Down-filled Air Mattress

A lot of winter campers, myself included, use a down filled air mattress (DAM) for extra warmth as part of our sleep system. With R-values of 5 and above, they really boost your comfort level when it is below freezing. How to Inflate a Down-filled Air Mattress The problem with …

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How to Build a Quinzhee Snow Shelter

Quinzhee Snow Shelter

As I was following the discussion of the expense and weight of winter tents, I thought of a shelter I used for an overnight backpack I did a couple of years ago. The total weight of everything I needed for my shelter was less than two pounds and it cost …

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Grabber Hand Warmers

Last winter, my wife bought me some Grabber Hand Warmers to heat up my sleeping bag in cold weather. I didn’t pay much attention to them for almost a year until I tried one last weekend and I was blown away. These are so cool. Each warmer heats up to about …

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