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The Section Hiker Limo

The Section Hiker Limo

I drive a very memorable car. It's not a Volkswagon Camper, but as you can see its got a lot of personality. I admit that my car sticks out in the company parking lot, but when you get into the mountains, it looks pretty normal. New England hikers, climbers, and kayakers tend to plaster their cars and trucks with all kinds of bumper stickers.

One of the first things I did when I bought my first car during graduate school  in 1982 was put some bumper stickers on it. The first one was Question Authority. That pretty much explains my attitude to the status quo.

Since then, my cars have all been plastered with stickers. They're always a real ice breaker and I enjoy it when people enjoy them.

Take last Friday evening, for example. I stopped at the gas station on my way home from work to fill up before my hiking trip on Saturday. The lady behind me in line started clapping when she read my bumper stickers, so I approached her and asked which one she liked best. She replied,  "My Other Car is a Pair of Boots."

So I asked her if she was going hiking this weekend and we immediately fell into a friendly discussion about hiking the Whites. She has completed 46 of the 48 peaks on the White Mountain 4,000 footer list and only had Madison and Galehead Mountain left to climb. Bumper stickers open doors and minds.

This set of stickers is a little faded, so let me list them. These are just the ones on the back of the car…..

So, if you see me buzzing down a highway or a back road, give me a wave.


  1. Not planning on ever selling your car huh? :-)

  2. Nope. I drive all my cars into the ground. My last trade-in was so entertaining that all the car dealer reps came out to the parking lot to look at the bumper stickers when I did my trade-in. I got a few hundred for that one before they saw the car.

  3. I like my other car is a pair of boots. Although I'd trade that for a my other car is a pair of trail shoes :)

    We dont have bumper stickers here in the UK as such. Some vans/lorries have them. There's the obligatory car dealer sticker on the rear window and most car owners that have kids have the child on board notice. With variations on a theme such as little princess on board or tiny terror… you get the idea.

    Then there's AA/RAC or other membership stickers again on windscreen or side windows.

    The Marylebone Mountaineering Club had some window stickers made up – I'm with the MMC don't follow me I'm lost too!

  4. AuntieCoosa / OneMore Carol

    When I sold my 1995 Ford Escort, it had 103 Bumper Stickers on it. I know, I had to remove them before I sold it, with 331,850 miles on it. It’s still running … but I now own a 2011 Toyota Corolla with only 4 stickers on the rear glass. My motto is: Until I own the car, no stickers on the paint or actual bumpers.

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