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Timex Adventure Tech Digital Compass Watch

Time Adventure Tech Digital Watch Compass

Don’t buy the Timex Adventure Tech Digital Watch Compass. It has a built-in leather/nylon band that you can’t replace without sending it back to Timex. After about 2 months of wear, the watch band begins to fray and decompose. There’s no way to hide this if you need to dress business casual at work.

Time Addventure Tech Digital Compass watch

It’s too bad actually because this isn’t a bad watch. It’s water resistant and has a 24-hour countdown timer, 3 alarms (daily/weekday/weekend), plus a hydration alarm, including 3 time zones, 15 pre-set occasion reminders, a 100-hour chronograph with lap or split option, and 99-lap counter. The compass is pretty lame, but I didn’t buy it for that.

Still the watch band is the killer. Give this one a pass if your appearance matters.

Disclosure: The author owns this product and purchased it using their own funds.

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  1. Thanks for the great tip..we need more people like you out there telling us about equipment like this instead of gushing and adoration we mostly see….

  2. I'm with you. The quality of this really pissed me off.

  3. I bought the same watch and the band on mine looks even worse than yours! I really like the watch and use the compass. But the Band blows!

  4. I dropped mine in about 4" of water and removed in less than 4 min. It was ruined. So much for water resistance at 50m.

  5. My band is ruined too, and since I was brain dead, I spent five hours looking for the blasted thing. It is a great watch, but the only way I can think of putting a new band on it is by having a flattened round link go through the screw holes, with a normal strap attached to it. Pretty hard to make yourself, actually, but you can see it if you search ebay for t42421 Timex Adventure Tech, the top half of the strap is actually attached to the watch with a thick chain link.

  6. I love this watch – no problems with any of it… EXCEPT for that band. it *sucks*. i hate the idea of tossing a watch cause the band is shot.

  7. I had a LaCrosse Technology altimeter/compass watch and liked it until the battery died. It's a convoluted process to replace the battery and they highly recommend sending it back to them to replace it. I did it myself and the watch did not work, even after being sure I did all the steps necessary to reset it. When I contacted LaCrosse, they wanted $40 to look at the watch to give me a repair estimate. I thought that too much for a $59.00 watch and bought a different brand.

    I bought an AXIO Mini, actually a women's altimeter watch, the smallest such watch on the market. It doesn't have a compass but I never used that anyway. This has a user replaceable battery and will remember elevation gain, etc. It was about the same price as the LaCrosse watch. A package of six Lithium replacement batteries was about eight bucks. I have plenty of batteries for the future.

  8. Realistically, a decent watchmaker should be able to replace the band for a small fee.

  9. I have a Casio Pathfinder I bought 12 years ago for $299. I understand their around $129.00 now with a; Barometer, Altimeter, Temperature, Time, & Date with an adjustable Compass Bezel ring for map use that has never failed me yet. The only trouble is my eyes must be getting weaker for I have trouble reading the information in the little window..It does require a Battery replacement every year..I have a simple Casio for non-trail use that is going on 20 years old now..Cost me $15.00. Requires a battery about every 3 – 4 years. I just bought a Timex Loop Watch to hang on my Backpack and after two months I need to replace the Battery already..It is a very tiny battery at that..I added the last bits just for comparaison..

  10. If you want a band for this watch, call 1-800448-4639, give the operator this #, T42761. It took 5 minutes to order and they had them in stock. It cost $12.00, free shipping.

  11. Thanks, BC Pilot! I called the number above and ordered a new resin strap for $10, free shipping, easy as pie. I told the Timex lady that they ought to publicize this item and service, as it is nigh-impossible to find.

    After my strap got a bit raggedy, I trimmed away the nylon over the leather and it limped along for years of occasional use. I wouldn’t consider this watch for “dress casual;” for me it’s strictly for outdoor sports. I think that the compass is great. I don’t carry my Silva anymore as I find the Timex to be so reliable and convenient.

  12. I bought a similar Timex with the digital compass. Same thing… The plastic band broke and it is next to impossible to locate.

    I will never buy a Timex watch with a special band on it again.

    • Bill, didn’t you read my comment above? I called the number that BC Pilot found, and I had my strap in a few days for $10.

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